Enforcement – “Protect your IP Rights”

Emirates Intellectual Property Services provides a wide array of anti- Infringement and anti-counterfeiting services which safeguard your Intellectual Property rights as well as your financial interests. Our consultants command the necessary expertise to advise you on anti- Infringement and anti-counterfeiting matters. We also actively pursue cases involving copyright, trademark and servicemark infringements in our service area which includes UAE and the countries in the GCC and Middle East. Our anti-Infringement and anti-counterfeiting services include the following: 

  • Drafting, filing and follow-up of administrative complaints with the authorized government departments locally and internationally
  • Working with authorized departments regarding seizure and confiscation of imitated materials
  • Advising and developing infringement and anti-counterfeiting strategies
  • Market analysis and research
  • Market monitoring and advising about parallel imports
  • Recordation of registered trademarks at the Customs Departments concerned.

Border protection measures

Protecting brands and products from being infringed or counterfeited is an important issue worldwide in the current age. The counterfeits are in fact not only make financial loss but also causing threat to the life of human beings. 

Frankly, it is an international concern and the complete clampdown of counterfeits being circulated in the market is not an easy task. However, the risk of vulnerability can be effectively minimized through an active border protection method. 

We regularly advise clients on how to secure their IP rights and enforce it successfully from being infringed/counterfeited in UAE. The protection can be achieved up to a convinced level by recording each registered trademark at the Customs of Dubai, Sharjah & Ras Al Khaimah, which are the main ports handling the significant amount of imports into UAE. 

Once the trademark is recorded with the Customs, they will monitor the inward movement of products similar or identical to the original products bearing the recorded trademark. If found anything suspicious, the products will be kept under custody for three days and in the meantime the agent or owner of the registered trademark will be notified for further action. If an action is likely, it must be duly informed in writing to the Customs otherwise the products in custody will be released after the specified three days of time.

The validity of recordation at Customs will remain in force until the trademark is valid and it may be renewed each time the registration of trademark is renewed in UAE.